About Us

W Horton & Sons (Established 1855) are premier dealers for B Rizzini game and competition shotguns. Based in Birminghams historic Gun Quarter in the West Midlands.

We have access to a range of demonstration guns and offer free gun fitting on all new Rizzini guns purchased through us. Our B Rizzini product knowledge is unsurpassed by any other UK dealer so contact us to arrange a fitting and order your B Rizzini.

W Horton & Sons and B Rizzini sponsored shooter Phil Pointer (Trap) will happily demo the B Rizzini competition range. Phil shoots both an S2000 high rib (similar grade to a Caesar Guerini Maxum Impact) and a BR 440 competition high rib (similar to a high end Perazzi, Zoli or Krieghoff in terms of performance but up to half the price).

About Battista Rizzini

Battista Rizzini of Brescia Italy founded the Rizzini Company in 1966. He has three children who are actively involved in the family-ran business. Since the company’s foundation, its products have acquired worldwide recognition and appreciation through the endless quest for the best quality of products and materials. This is achieved through continuous investment in the best technology integrated into traditional workmanship.

Rizzini produces sporting arms intended to match the most demanding needs of hunters and competition shooters. Our models range from over-under and side-by-side shotguns as well as over-under hunting rifles and even side-by-side dangerous game rifles.

Inside Rizzini you will find state of the art CNC machines, a wood department where the beautiful stocks are made, a product development department with innovative engineers and Mr. Rizzini’s very own think tank corner where you can find him working on the next Rizzini project. When you buy Rizzini you are investing in some of the best craftsmanship in the world. The “original” Rizzini brand is registered worldwide and certifies the highest quality. Rizzini is 100% made in Italy.

Battista and Giuseppe Rizzini

25 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Does the Rizzini BR550RB 20 bore come in a twin trigger version?

    I love the idea of shooting with a 20 borebut my other guns have twin triggers and I think the variation could cause problems




  2. Hello, I have a B. Rizzini over and under 28 bore that someone has had professionally converted to a straight hand stock, and very beautiful it is too. However, I would like to put it back to the original pistol grip or pow stock.
    Could you supply me with this replacement stock?
    Thanks and regards


  3. Hello,

    I’m interested in a Rizzini BR550RB in 28 gauge with a pistol grip, double triggers, 28 inch barrels, IC/M, standard dimensions but cast on for a left hand shooter. I live in the USA so I’ll need to figure out how it can be exported. Can you do something like this?




  4. Hi. I have recently aquired a 20 bore Rizzini. I don’t know much about the gun such as age etc. Is there a way I can learn more about the gun from its serial number?


  5. Hello,

    I am looking for a 16 gauge over and under sporter. Do Rizzini supply one? I have heard that the lead time on a Rizzini, if not in stock, can take up to 12 months. Is this the case?



  6. Hi I’m thinking of purchasing a new shotgun in the spring. I am interested in the Artemis 12guage with 30 inch barrels. Is gun fitting included in the price displayed on your website?


  7. Good Morning

    I’m the current owner of a Rizzini SN:9379 in 12ga, could you pls provide a history on this gun ?
    Currently the gun is fitted with 28″ barrels and I’m looking to fit 32″ barrels, would it be possible that I could purchase 32″ barrels from you


  8. Hi Steve
    I have a nice Rizzini B 20b which needs new firing pins I am struggling to find out which model it is the only other markings are March F no B.T and the ser no this makes no sense to me any advice would be a big help
    Thanks Garry


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